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  • Heartwood Studio, Cowichan Valley, BC

    Heartwood Studio

    Woodturner Ken Broadland worked as a Conservation Officer on southern Vancouver Island for 29 years before retiring in 2002. He started woodturning as a hobby in 1991. The wood Ken uses is salvaged from around the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.


  • Sugo Sauce, Vancouver, BC

    Sugo Sauce

    Sugo Sauce was born as the result of a relationship between nonna and nipote (grandmother and grand-daughter in Italian). Nonna and nipote bonded and connected through the act of teaching and learning how to make nonna’s version of a common simple sugo recipe ‘Classico’.


  • Salish Sea Chocolate Company, Saltspring Island, BC

    Salish Sea Chocolate Company

    The Salish Sea Chocolate Company has been operating since 2003. Their chocolates are made in their Chocolate Cottage, on beautiful Salt Spring Island, B.C. Each bar is crafted and wrapped by hand, with much love and laughter in the old traditional way, and is a masterpiece of exquisite chocolate & beautiful art.

    Salt Spring Island

  • Babe's Honey Farm, Victoria, BC

    Babe's Honey Farm

    Babe's Honey Farm was founded in 1945 by Babe & Charlie Warren with a small loan from a credit union and single beehive Charlie found in the forest. They spent their lives building Western Canada's favorite bee farm, which is now employee-owned.


  • Cowichan Pasta Company, Cowichan Bay, BC

    Cowichan Pasta Company

    Wanting something of his own and seeing a special artisan niche, artisan chef Matt Horn brought Cowichan Pasta to life in 2010. They work with local farmers to grow both ancient grains and modern grains for their pasta production.

    Cowichan Bay

  • Mitchell's Soup Co., Duncan, BC

    Mitchell's Soup Company

    Mitchell's Soup Company is a family owned company in Cowichan Valley B.C. They specialize in making delicious recipes that don’t just nourish the body, but the mind and soul, too. They take pride knowing that all of their recipes are created using the highest-quality ingredients and are triple-tested in their home, before they’re packaged up for yours.


  • Fernwood Coffee Company, Victoria, BC

    Fernwood Coffee

    With everything from cherry trees to street art, punk bars and art galleries, Fernwood is where we work, live, and play. For us, coffee is a way to engage community, connect to place, and to build relationships. Our coffee reflects that.

    - Ben Cram, Owner


  • Wild Hill Botanicals, Sooke, BC

    Wild Hill Botanicals

    Wild Hill Botanicals is a skincare line based on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Their connection to this landscape and their ongoing study of the amazing botanicals it has to offer has been the inspiration for their formulations. They believe that organic is just plain better.


  • Vancouver Island Salt Co., Cobble Hill, BC

    Vancouver Island Salt Co.

    After a decade travelling the world as a chef, my young family decided to plant our roots on beautiful Vancouver Island. Surrounded by pristine ocean waters, I wondered why Canada did not have its own Sea Salt. A friend told me that "if it could be done, it would be done"...

    -Andrew Shepherd, Founder


  • Happy Hippy Soap Company, Gabriola Island, BC

    Happy Hippy Soap Company

    The Happy Hippy Soap Company is a grassroots soap company specializing in the traditional cold process method of soapmaking. All Happy Hippy products are made with a wide variety of ingredients including coconut and olive oil, clays and botanicals, essential oils and absolutes. These ingredients have been well researched for their benefits and make each product something unique and lovely on the skin.

    Gabriola Island

  • Vancouver Island Hot Sauce Company, Qualicum Beach, BC

    Vancouver Island Hot Sauce Company

    Our original hot sauce recipes are inspired by the flavourful ingredients and memorable experiences of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

    - Eben and Karita Sedun, Owners

    Qualicum Beach

  • Philip's Soda Works, Victoria, BC

    Phillip's Soda Works

    Phillips Soda Works is a natural soda brewer in beautiful Victoria B.C. Pre-packaged syrups, artificial flavours, and colours are blacklisted from the recipe book in favour of raw cane sugar and natural herbs and spices. Their commitment to natural ingredients is a difference you can taste.


  • Anteeo Tea, Victoria, BC

    Anteeo Tea

    Founded in Victoria, BC, Canada, Anteeo Tea Company provides specialty teas to various retailers. Their name, ANTEEO, is Latin for: To Excel, Precede and Anticipate, and it represents their approach to all aspects of their business.


  • Melinda's Biscotti, Sidney, BC

    Melinda's Biscotti

    It was eight years ago when Melinda made her first biscotti for her family. She really didn't know where this journey would lead her. When she brought some snacks to work everyone thought it was so good that she should bring it to coffee shops in Victoria, B.C. The rest, as they say, is history.


  • SeaChange Seafoods, Saltspring Island, BC

    Sea Change Seafoods

    Since 1985 our family-owned business, founded on Saltspring Island, has crafted beautifully packaged, premium Canadian smoked salmon and other Canadian gifts from the sea, such as salmon, crab, and lobster pâtés.

    -John and Anne Millerd, Owners

    Saltspring Island

  • Tout De Sweet Confections, Victoria, BC

    Tout de Sweet Confections

    Tout de Sweet Confections is a small-batch Canadian artisan candy company that specializes in making fresh confectionery sweets that are all-natural, organic, corn syrup-free, nut-free and gluten-free (the kitchen and ingredients are 100% nut-free and gluten-free!).


  • Denman Island Chocolate, Denman Island, BC

    Denman Island Chocolate

    Denman Island Chocolate was created by Daniel and Ruth Terry. Long interested in the organic food movement, the Terrys left the big city for Denman Island in 1994, looking for a more rural lifestyle in which to bring up their two sons.

    Denman Island

  • Organic Fair, Cobble Hill, BC

    Organic Fair

    Organic Fair is a small batch crafter of exclusively organic & fair trade gourmet products. They operate from their 5 acre organic farm in Cobble Hill, B.C.

    Cobble Hill

  • Silk Road Tea, Victoria, BC

    Silk Road Tea

    It all started in Victoria’s historic Chinatown, with a passion for premium quality ingredients, exceptional customer service, an eco-friendly approach, and a commitment to community – values which continue to be just as important to Silk Road today as they were when they started.


  • Galiano Coffee Roasting Co., Galiano Island, BC

    Galiano Coffee Roasting Company

    The Galiano Coffee Roasting Company is a family company run by a small and diverse group of socially-minded people who all share a passion for great coffee. They use only the very best certified organic, fair-trade beans that are air-roasted in small batches.

    Galiano Island

  • Metropolitan Chef, Port Alberni, BC

    Metropolitan Chef

    A change in food trends towards healthier eating coupled with my exposure to cooking techniques not commonly used in Canada inspired me to develop a line of seasonings that would be not only good for you but quick and easy to use too. On top of all of that (and of the most paramount concern), they had to be delicious.

    -Gail McCully, Spice Mistress

    Port Alberni

  • RockCoast, Victoria, BC

    Rock Coast Toffee

    RockCoast is a labour of love and passion for me. I'm so excited for you to try my mouth watering toffee bark but watch out - its addictive!

    - Amber Isles, RockCoast Founder and Toffeetier


  • Saltspring Kitchen Co., Saltspring Island, BC

    Saltspring Kitchen Co.

    SaltSpring Kitchen co. is a small batch, artisanal preserve company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island on the West Coast of Canada. You can find their sweet & savoury line of products at the Salt Spring Market in Ganges every Saturday from April through October.

    Saltspring Island

  • Raven Song Soaps, Campbell River, BC

    Raven Song Soap

    Soap making has enabled me to bridge my passion with my heritage, my travels and my experiences. Many experiences and memories are associated with scent and I draw on this for inspiration. Many of my travels, memories of Haida Gwaii and other happy memories are captured in the essential oil blends, textures, scents and colors of my bars.

    -Valerie Lamirande, Owner

    Campbell River

  • Salt Spring Island Candle Co., Saltspring Island, BC

    Salt Spring Island Candle Co.

    Salt Spring Island Candle Co. uses only 100% pure, GMO free soy wax. We scent our candles with the highest quality pure essential oils and natural, cruelty-free fragrance oils. We approach our candle scents from a perfumer’s perspective, carefully layering our creations based on a balance of top, middle and base notes, with the goal of creating fragrances that are complex and unique.

    -Jay Campbell, Owner

    Saltspring Island

  • Ruut Essentials, Victoria, BC

    Ruut Essentials

    RUUT Essentials uses a proprietary blend of 100% natural oils to improve the natural healthy function of your skin, hair & scalp. Your skin will love this!


  • Urban Spa
  • Evertree, Victoria, BC
  • Jenny Marie Cracker Co, Victoria, BC

    Jenny Marie Cracker Co

    Jenny Marie’s cracker company was born from a love of baking and a passion for fresh and wholesome food. We are proud to use simple ingredients, free of artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, GMO’s and hydrogenated oils. We take pride in producing small-batch artisan crackers, in beautiful Victoria, BC.

    - Jenny & Amber