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Spa Oasis

Fresh, organic, natural... These products will transport the mind to the calming old growth rain forests of Vancouver Island, and will release the pure scent of the Pacific ocean into the air. With raw materials harvested from unspoiled nature, this spa basket will be the oasis that they keep slipping away to.

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The Menu

  • Vanilla & Almond Lip Balm ● Wild Hill Botanicals
  • Body Balm ● Wild Hill Botanicals
  • Organic Facial Oil ● Ruut Essentials
  • Northwest Forest Soak ● Wild Hill Botanicals
  • Happy Hippy Soap Bar ● Happy Hippy Soap Company
  • Loofah ● Urban Spa
  • Cedar Soap Dish ● Evertree
  • Volcanic Pumice Stone ● Urban Spa
  • West Coast Wave Soap ● RavenSong Soaps
  • Fleur Soy Wax Candle ● Salt Spring Island Candle Co.
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The Makers

  • Wild Hill Botanicals

    Wild Hill Botanicals is a skincare line based on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Their connection to this landscape and their ongoing study of the amazing botanicals it has to offer has been the inspiration for their formulations. They believe that organic is just plain better.

  • Happy Hippy Soap Company

    The Happy Hippy Soap Company is a grassroots soap company specializing in the traditional cold process method of soapmaking. All Happy Hippy products are made with a wide variety of ingredients including coconut and olive oil, clays and botanicals, essential oils and absolutes. These ingredients have been well researched for their benefits and make each product something unique and lovely on the skin.

  • Raven Song Soap

    Soap making has enabled me to bridge my passion with my heritage, my travels and my experiences. Many experiences and memories are associated with scent and I draw on this for inspiration. Many of my travels, memories of Haida Gwaii and other happy memories are captured in the essential oil blends, textures, scents and colors of my bars.
    -Valerie Lamirande, Owner

  • Salt Spring Island Candle Co.

    Salt Spring Island Candle Co. uses only 100% pure, GMO free soy wax. We scent our candles with the highest quality pure essential oils and natural, cruelty-free fragrance oils. We approach our candle scents from a perfumer’s perspective, carefully layering our creations based on a balance of top, middle and base notes, with the goal of creating fragrances that are complex and unique.
    -Jay Campbell, Owner

  • Ruut Essentials

    RUUT Essentials uses a proprietary blend of 100% natural oils to improve the natural healthy function of your skin, hair & scalp. Your skin will love this!