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Breakfast Nook


Coffees, teas, and everything to compliment them... This is the perfect gift to share in both the kitchen at home and the break-room at work. The variety of this region, from the... Find out more

Chocolate Confection


Mint, Espresso, Blueberry... In the hands of local artisans, flavours are paired with chocolates both dark and light to create a spectrum of tastes. The world certainly isn't short of... Find out more

Coast Cafe


Up and down our coastlines, rain-swept cafes are the gathering spots of both conversationalists and connoisseurs. They sip their blend of choice against the hum of friends taking apart the... Find out more

Gourmet Pantry


If you have a "foodie" in your life, you've no doubt heard all about the superior products that come from small-batch artisans. Quality is at the top of their agenda... Find out more

Italian Pacifico


From it's roots on the banks of the Mediterranean, Italian cuisine is a favourite all over the world, and our little corner is no exception. With locally sourced ingredients, these... Find out more

Pacific Fare


West coast through and through. Breathe in the salty air... listen to the ocean lap against the shore... catch the light gleaming off the waves... crack open this gift and... Find out more

Spa Oasis


Fresh, organic, natural... These products will transport the mind to the calming old growth rain forests of Vancouver Island, and will release the pure scent of the Pacific ocean into the air. With... Find out more

Spa Retreat


From the sea to the meadows, the most replenishing natural ingredients have been shaped into products which embellish their points of origin. Like a spring time bouquet of flowers, when this bundle... Find out more

Sweet Shop


Bursting with joyful flavours and colourful textures, this gift makes sure that the opportunity to indulge one's sweet tooth does not go to waste. A perfect gift for a group... Find out more

Tea Hugger


C.S. Lewis would have felt at home on Vancouver Island when he said, "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit... Find out more